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Let’s fix your broken toilet


It is important to acquaint yourself with your toilet and its parts. Get to know how they are made and how they work. This will assist you in case you experience any problem to do with broken toilets. Some of the most common problems associated with toilets include clogging, leaking, difficulty or refusing to flash, weak flushing, among others. You can be able to fix these problems on your own since they are just simple procedures that would take only a few minutes of your time and save you the inconvenience of having to get someone who will fix it for you at a fee. Let’s see for example how to fix slow flushing and clogging.

Fix a broken toilet’s slow flush

In most cases, a slow or weak flushing toilet is as a result of clogging of the small holes underneath the rim of the toilets bowl. These are the holes through which water for flushing passes through and into the bowl. As a result of this blocking, too little, or no water gets into the bowl causing the poor flushing. You may clean the holes with a straightened out paper clip or alternatively, you can just use a simple wire to remove any solid particles blocking the holes.

Fix a clogged toilet

You don’t always need to call a plumber to help you unclog your toilet bowl. You can be able to fix some simple clogs yourself by use of household equipments. You can unclog the toilet bowl by using a bleaching agent. This is done in case the blocking material is just simple fecal matter. Pouring about a liter of the bleaching agent into the toilet and allowing it to reside for some time, say up to 180 minutes, followed by flushing will perfectly well force the clog to drain.

In case these simple methods do not work or help much in fixing broken toilets, then the problem is probably of the magnitude that requires a professional plumber.

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