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A Do It Yourself Guide to Installing a Door Knob


A door knob is a functional piece of hardware that is used to open and close a door, but they go beyond function. One can add beauty to a door both interior and exterior and can be made of many materials and many styles to compliment any home.

Firstly choose the right door handle

The first step is to choose the right one for your door. A shiny new stainless steel door knob will not look right in a more traditional style interior. Always consider the style, color, and material when choosing a new door knob, ensuring that it fits with your interior design. Bedrooms or Bathrooms and exterior doors may need locks. When choosing a door knob to ensure that you think about who will be entering the room, have you got children or people who are physically challenged? Always buy the new door knob before you remove the old one, hold it up to the door first to ensure that it fits with the decor and will cover the hole once the old one is removed.

Tools needed to install.

A screwdriver or two is all that is required for the job. The kind of model and brand will determine which, screwdriver you will need.

You may need all of the following or just some, it all depends on the kind of door knob that you have chosen:

A small flat headed screwdriver
A large flat headed screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Allen wrenches

How to remove your old one

You need to locate the base plate; this is the rosette. Unscrew any screws on the rosette on both sides of the door. The mountain plate which is an additional plate needs to be unscrewed and removed on both sides. Remove the screws that on the face plate which, is situated on the edge of the door, this acts as a guide for the latch to fit into the door. Remove this and then the latch. Remove the flat metal plate which, guides the latch when it is closed; this is known as the strike plate.

Now it’s time to install the new door knob

Firstly you need to attach the flat metal plate that goes on the frame with the screw provided. This plate catches the door latch when the door is closed. You need to secure the latch to the edge of the door with the screws provided. Point the curved side of the latch toward the direction the door closes as this is very important. If the latch is put on backward it will not close.

It’s now time to line up the mounting plate; these are the circles that will be fit on both sides with the latch mechanism. Usually, there are two screw holes that attach the mounting plates to the door. Screw and tighten the screws making sure that the mounting plates are flush against the door. Some door knobs require you to do this on both sides while others require only a single side. You may also need to insert two long screws to hold it all together. Do a final check to ensure that the mounting plate circles completely cover the hole before tightening the screws down.

A square-shaped rod runs through your door knob it is called the spindle. In the hole of the door put this through the latch mechanism in the hole. If your spindle is not already attached, slide it through the hole. Line up the other on the other side. Make sure the square shape of the spindle fits into the square hole. Tighten the screws to the mounting plates, pressing them together. To make sure it is lined up correctly open and close. Once you are satisfied with the function, begin to attach the rosette that covers the mounting plate. Your new door knob is now installed.