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Why you need to build a new laundry cabinet… right now.


We all know that storage space for clothing and linens is crucial to the organization and function of a home. However, the importance expands far beyond simply storing the clothes, but also providing space in the area that helps to wash and preserve clothing and linens the laundry room. The process of doing laundry can take several hours, depending on the size of your clothing pile. With that said, it is vital to utilize most space to accommodate your needs within your laundry room. Whether you have a small area with a compact washer and dryer combo or an actual larger room dedicated to washing clothes, space efficiency and function are of the utmost priority.

Basic storage can be used for items such as detergent, cleaning agents, fabric softener, and other laundry care-related products. Since these items are heavily used, they should be stored in an area that is within close reach. Above-head cabinets are usually the most commonplace cabinets found in a laundry room. Such cabinets are usually made of materials such as melamine, laminate, or veneer. They are usually a duo and rest just above the washer and dryer for quick access. By using a cabinet, you can hide the clutter and keep cleaning products concealed with cabinet doors. Though these above-head cabinets are standard, for some, they might be too high to reach. Thus, a small corner caddy or simple shelf can be used to store detergent and other laundry care products. Caddies can be made of wood, plastic, or other synthetic materials, only resting on the extra floor space. If you do not mind the openness of a shelf, a large shelf can be used above your washer and dryer in place of a cabinet.

A large problem that many households have is running out of sufficient storage space in the laundry room. As the kids grow up, and more things need to be washed, it is important to anticipate your future needs. Many premade cabinets can be added to extra wall space if needed. These cabinets are usually easy to install and do not require much assembly. Wall cabinets help to maximize space if you have a smaller laundry room. If you have extra storage cabinets and space, you can utilize your laundry room to store extra clothing and linens. This extra storage will allow you to maximize use of other cabinets or closets in your home that would usually store extra linens.

Custom cabinet accessories can be installed, such as a rod to hang clothing straight from the dryer to prevent wrinkles. Hooks to hang clothing, as well as irons and an ironing board can be installed behind the door or on extra wall space. Clothing Sorters and hampers made from canvas or mesh are ideal for organizing dirty clothes by color or washing requirements. Utilizing cabinets and accessories to store all of your laundry-related items keeps your home clutter-free. Thus, you can maximize functionality and wash clothing effectively in an organized and clean space.

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